magazine springs

Magazine Springs

This page includes all technical data on our available magazine springs. These may be used as compression springs in rectangular installation spaces such as magazines, goods sliders and carbon brush brackets. Our magazine springs may also be employed as tension springs for guide wires in feeders for small parts.

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Technical Data

Materials: EN 10270-1 patented drawn spring steel wire, EN 10270-2 oil hardened and tempered spring steel wire, EN 10270-3 stainless spring steel wire. Detailed information on our materials can be found in our detailed table of materials .

Dimensional Range: Wire diameter: 0,2 - 3,0 mm

Spring Shapes: Oval, rectangular, triangular and drop-shaped

Spring Ends: Closed or with gradient

Surface Finishing: Magazine springs manufactured from patented drawn spring steel wire EN10270-1, the steel used is often pre-zinc-plated or bezinal coated in order to increase the anti-corrosive protection properties.

Further information on our surfaces and surface finishing may be found in the technology section at surfaces.