torsion springs

Torsion Springs

This page includes all technical data on our available torsion springs. Our range of standard torsion springs may be ordered directly from our webshop via the link below.

If you require custom-made springs please follow this link to enter your data: Special Inquiry.

Or call us for a personal consultation with a springs engineer: +49 (7127) 95792 143.

Technical Data

Materials: EN 10270-1 patented drawn spring steel wire, EN 10270-2 oil hardened and tempered spring steel wire, EN 10270-3 stainless spring steel wire.

Detailed information on our materials can be found in our detailed table of materials .

Dimensional Range: Wire diameter: 0,03 - 6,0 mm

Torsion Spring Shapes: Single torsion spring, double torsion spring, individual torsion spring shapes

Surface Finishing: Gold-plating, silver-plating, nickel-plating, tin-plating, zinc-plating, chrome-plating, Delta Tone, Delta Seal, zinc-flake-coating, phosphatisation, molykoting, gliss coating, colouration, varnishing, powder coating, shot-blasting, glass bead blasting.

Further information on our surfaces and surface finishing may be found in the technology section at surfaces.